Know your dirt bike before you buy one

Do you love hearing the roaring sound of the bike engines? Do your heart beats faster with the every lap the bikes go pass? Well, Dirt bikes are the one that you would like the most to drive yourself. When it comes to the buying of dirt bikes, you will see that the manufacturers are offering you different kind of model and size of bikes which also differ in price as well. In this kind of a situation it is really hard to choose a bike that will be suitable for you.

Your purpose of buying the dirt bike

Purpose of buying a dirt bike is very much important. This narrows down your search for bikes quite a lot. First you need to decide, on which type of track you will be using your bike. Depending on that you will need to choose your bike maker and the bike type. The next thing will be the fuel. You can either choose a gas driven dirt bike or an Electric dirt bike. Depending on your choice, the maker will also differ.

You can also choose to go for a brand over the type of the bike more. For instance, if you choose a Honda bike, you will get to experience 3 types of bikes, the F class, X class and the R class. All these bikes have different kind of benefits and features and most importantly they are made for different purposes. There are other bike manufacturers as well, who have this type of wide variety of bike collection. In case you are looking for Dirt bikes for kids you will need to look into some other place or rather a different kind of dirt bike.

Different types of bikes

Motocross: These are bikes which are normally used for the racing on closed tracks (off road) with several obstacles. The fuel tank is small and the bike is light weighted. Riders can easily jump with the bikes. These bikes can be 2 stroke or sometimes 4 strokes with a cylinder of 50cc to 650cc.

Enduro: These bikes are modified version of the motocross bikes. These bikes have lights, horns and number plates as well. These modifications enable this bike to ride on the road.  These bikes can be used for the races for longer tracks and you can ride them for 6 days.

Rallies: An enduro bike having a larger fuel tank is known to be as the rallies and you can ride them for a long distance. You can ride them through the deserts as well. The engine capacities range for 450cc to 750 cc.

Trail: These bikes are for both the purposes. You can ride them off-road or on road. Although they have similarities with the endure one, but these bikes are not for the competition purpose at all. The tires can help you ride in both the tracks and have some more equipments like mirrors, indicators etc for riding on the road.

Trials: These bikes are for the competition solely but their speed is not positive part. Rather the test of balance is what people try on these bikes. The weight is very much less and a small engine helps in keeping the balance and precision.

Track racing: Made for the racing purpose and have no brake or rear suspension at all. The fuel used is methanol and normally have the 4 stroke engines. Some of these bikes have left turns only and can have at the most 2 gears.

Are you experienced? What is your age and size?

When it comes to the dirt bikes, it is necessary that you consider your experience level in biking, your age and also your size. You cannot buy a bike that you can’t control with your skill level or can’t buy a big bike that you can’t handle easily. The point is, do not buy a bike that will make you look cool. Always buy a dirt bike that you will be able to ride easily and will be comfortable for you.

Should you choose new bike or an old one?

Bikes are really cool and you will always love to ride a new shining bike but you cannot ride a brand new dirt bike while buying it the first time. If you are not experienced at all, it is better for you that you choose to buy a second hand bike but in a good condition. Also, with an old bike you will be able to do experiments that you can’t with a new one. Thus, it will help you understand whether you are good with dirt bikes at all or which model will suit you the most.

But remember that buying a second hand dirt bike can be a bit tricky too. As only the owner will know the issues with the bike and even if there are no issues, it may have one after you buy it. So, you need to have some kind of idea about the mechanical things of a dirt bike. This will help you in troubleshooting your bike, in case you face any problem while riding.

On the other hand, the new dirt bikes won’t need much of maintenance in the initial days and also they will run smoothly, but if you really love biking and want to customize your bike, there is nothing but a second hand model to work on and make it a brand new one.

Whichever bike you choose to buy, always consult a mechanic and try to keep some of the spare parts and oils and other necessary things, so that you do not have to rush for a simple nut when you need it. If you have made up your mind to buy a used dirt bike, then it is essential that you get to know the answers to a few questions that are important for you to ask the seller:

  • Whether the seller has used it for racing
  • Is it a second hand exchange or it has been exchanged several times before this
  • What is the service history of the bike
  • Why the bike was used normally and what are the places it has been ridden.
  • Whether it is a Gas dirt bike or an electric one

These questions are very much important to know also do not forget to ask about the legal papers of ownership of the bike to avoid any kind of legal issues later.


Depending on the type of bike the price range differs quite a lot. If you have budget issues you can always choose to pick a second hand bike. You can search over internet or look for a board in the streets where it is written: Dirt bikes for sale. You can contact the seller online or offline and get to know about the bikes.

Two things are very important to remember. It is most likely that you will get Cheap dirt bikes if you go for a second hand bike and cheap price does not indicate that the bike is faulty or may be having some problem. Although it is always best to consult with a mechanic before you buy the second hand bike. In case you do not have any issues with the price, then you can just visit any dirt bike store, choose your dirt bike according to your need or model that you lie and buy it.

Buy proper accessories

Buying proper accessories and proper wheels is very much important. If you are new to dirt biking, it is a must that you have the best gear with you. Dirt bike gloves is an essential part of armature dirt biking and you can also try the Dirt bike with training wheels in case you have never been on a dirt bike and most like you will like to take it a bit easy at the first time.